What is WireStock?

WireStock is a breakthrough solution for stock photographers to manage and track the licensing of their content with full transparency and reliability.

What problem is it solving?

The main problems that WireStock solves are the following

- lack of transparency related to licensing of stock images
Using blockchain technologies, WireStock will make the distribution and licensing completely transparent for content creators.

- poor copyright protection
The immutable nature of blockchain will allow the creation of a more reliable copyright registration system for content creators.

- data security
WireStock uses an advanced decentralized file storage technology which guarantees the security of uploaded files and makes the system immune to cyber attacks, not possible with traditional centralized server solutions.

- Having accounts with two many agencies
WireStock will allow content creators to manage licensing with multiple agencies and content marketplaces from one dashboard. This will also allow content creators to partner up with a larger number of marketplaces with not much effort.

Does WireStock aim to replace existing agencies?

No, it is a tool for better management and tracking of image licensing. It is a complementary tool for content creators. WireStock will allow content creators to make their content available to more buyers through a larger number of agencies. In addition, they will be able to protect their content much more effectively.

How can I sign up as a contributor?

Contributors are able to sign up on the main page of the website. Our representatives will contact you to further assist you.